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Who we are

Staying small keeps us nimble — it lets us adapt quickly to our client's ever changing needs.

PGM's founding partners, James C. Palmer and Scott W. Palmer, are twin brothers with over ten years of digital experience.

Starting out on unique paths in political campaigning and consumer retail, the two combined their expertise to form an agency that caters to the adaptive and fast paced needs of today's work environment. There's no red tape or unruly corporate bureaucracy at PGM. Instead, we focus on building efficient processes that keep us lean, adaptive and responsive.

PGM has quickly gained a reputation for creative, rapid response solutions — reinforcing the small agency feel with big agency talent in strategy, user experience, design and development.

We work with some of the largest brands in the United States, ranging from leading apparel and footwear providers, internationally recognized political advocacy groups, top-selling authors, high-profile CEOs, artists, small businesses and startups. And no matter how big or small the project, PGM is here to help.

What we do

Technology is in a constant state of flux. As an agency, it's our responsibility to adapt and reinvent ourselves on a regular basis. It's how we remain leaders in the digital space.


Our discovery phase helps us better understand the full scope of our client's vision, needs and expectations. Afterward, we compile everything into a massive visual representation of our clients project. The story board helps guide our decisions throughout the duration of the project and also makes for some nice wall art.


Design is much more than what you see on the surface. When we bring a client's vision to life, we carefully consider the overall objectives, user experience and technological requirements. We aim to exceed expectation and do so while creating incredible experiences that are manageable and easy to scale.


Design and development are only as good as the execution that follows. We work closely with our clients to develop, train, test and optimize until everything is just right. But it doesn't stop there. Many of our clients are repeat customers and we offer on-going services to help analyze and support projects through their entire lifecycle and beyond.


  • Digital Strategy and Consulting
  • Brand Development and Identity
  • User Stories and Case Comparison
  • SEM, Advertising and Planning
  • Information Architecture
  • Interactive and Visual Design
  • Web Design and Development
  • CMS and eCommerce Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Usability Testing
  • Analytics, Metrics and Reporting
  • Social Media Integration
  • Rapid Response Development
  • Quality Assurance and Testing